Meaning of 7 Phere – Saptapadi In Indian Marriages – The Seven Vows of Hindu Matrimony

Saptapadi’ or ‘Saat Phere’ is an important rite of the Hindu Marriage Ceremony. In this rite the bride and groom are symbolically brought together through the marriage knot then they take the seven steps. In the seven steps the bride and groom circumambulate a (sacred) fire or the Agnideva seven times reciting specific vows which represent everything from nourishment, strength, happiness to progeny, long life, harmony & understanding. After exchanging the vows the couple agree to be companions forever.
Vows taken by the groom
I will keep you cherished and take care of your welfare and provide happiness to your and to our children. We will together take care of our home, finance and food.
I will give love to you and only you. I will give you courage and strength always.
We will grow prosperous and wealthy and work hard to give education to our children.
I thank you for the sacredness you have brought into my life.
I ask Goddess Laxmi to bless us and make us prosperous.
I will fill your heart with peace and joy every now and then.
As you have taken the seven pheras with me, our friendship and love has become inseparable and strong. Now, you are mien and I’m yours and may our matrimony last forever with success.
Vows taken by the bride
I agree to share the responsibilities you have taken in the first phera.
I will fill your heart with strength and courage and will rejoice in your happiness
I will give you my love with single-minded devotion. All other men are secondary to me.
I will always be with you and participate in all divine acts like fire sacrifice, charity and worship.
I will be with you, whether it is your joy or sorrow. I will be happy with your true love.
May God always bless you and I’ll be there for you in every stage of your life.
I have taken all these vows with my pure heart and I will never let you down. I will be a faithful companion and promise to live life of love, friendship and mutual trust. I will love you always, throughout my life. I have now become your wife by taking these 7 pheras in front of the holy fire.


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